FATE Apocalypse

Just Dropping In!

The group went on with Old Man Coyote to Raleigh’s place. He climbed onto the roof using a ladder that Axel made. Coyote heard Raleigh and a woman speaking. He wanted to escape across the wastes to Vortigus.

Sharpe spied William in the street and tried to get him to help in a confrontation with Raleigh.

The roof panel collapsed and Coyote fell in. He tried to convince Raleigh that he got lost on the way to a local bordello. Axel shot at Raleigh and tried to shake him up and the eccentric ran. Coyote started fighting him. Sharpe broke in because of the noise. Raleigh warned the others to run and Coyote beat him up by throwing him into some boxes.

Sharpe grabbed Raleigh and told him to talk. Axel and William searched the back. He yelled a sudden warning and a black shape surged forward. Coyote shot and killed it. The thing looked like a child, though a mutant one. As security team appeared. They questioned Axel first, and he said that he came to deescalate the situation.

Security was frightened that there were intelligent mutants that had infiltrated the city. Computer research confirmed that Raleigh was a collaborator and had fallen in love with a female mutant and had a child. He had a heart attack as he was led off and Hedda saved his life with quick first aid.

Security told us that they were searching for a female mutant that was carrying a valuable cargo. We heard that the Legion was mobilizing and that the Raider King was mobilizing. Rumors abounded. We visited Nigel and he wanted to mount an expedition to ground zero.

Security caught the mutant woman and killed her. Old Man Coyote realized what the bloody hand meant.



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