FATE Apocalypse

Between Haven and Heck

William met with Sharpe, a mutant hunter. Axel Grease and Old Man Coyote went too. He seemed put off by the idea of human-like mutants. Axel told him about the adapting mutant. He showed us some pictures of mutants that suggests that there are some giant mutant out there that is only getting stronger.

Then, we went to see Mr. Raleigh. He thought that we were going to make fun of him. Raleigh was shocked and fearful when asked about intelligent mutants. He seemed to be hiding something. Coyote peeked around them and saw a table heavy with food and a loose ceiling panel. Coyote told him that the Legion were planning to go to Haven in number and Riley made a quick goodbye.

Coyote sneaked over to Nigel"s and saw that the door had a new mechanical lock and a spot of blood. Coyote saw Nigel strangling, dangling in the air. Coyote picked the lock as the others came over. They barged in and took damage from a stun grenade trap. William Tell started talking to them after he got up and things looked bad. Threats were made by both sides.

Coyote wounded Walker and the cloaked man counter attacked. A battle ensued and plasma flashed. Walker got his knife stuck in the wall for a moment. Axel shot one. Walker took out a grenade and Coyote grabbed the hand and held it shut. Still partially blinded, Hedda killed Walker. Old Man Coyote got the grenade and put back the pin.

Security showed up and took the bodies into custody. Nigel told us that the attackers were ;very interested in the ship’s weapon and security systems. The weapons were nuclear. Rico left for Deadwood, as mutants were swarming.

We went to the Elder, but first we were disarmed and had opaque helmets put on us. The Elder was ancient, hooked up to various life support systems. He was both impressive and sad. He asked why we were here. Coyote said it was to speak to Nigel and a couple of experts on Mutants. Axel said it was to seek out the sages in town. The Elder said that the mutants were a game changer in the wastes, and a key to the future. WE noticed an odd symbol that he wore which was unfamiliar to us. We were then ushered out. Axel asked if the Elder came down in the space craft that made up the palace. The Elder said that he could not remember and then his vital signs destabilized.



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