FATE Apocalypse

Countless Events

Michiel – Axel Grease
Hazel – Hedda Dahmerson
Trond – William Tell
Marco – Old Man Coyote
Tony – The Whisperer
Michelle – Coral Rose

Sharpe the Mutant Hunter chats with group.

Coyote sees evidence of combat – blood patterns, shell casings, foot tracks

Group argues about whether to recruit fighters or to tell Rico

Old Man Coyote notices a vulnerable pile of fuel and water that might be lifted

Old Man Coyote sees Hadley and is generous and gives me two canteens worth of water

The Whisperer noticed a new religious cult appears and chants. Their members wear shrouds. William Tell tried to see where they came from. They were spread out and scouting.

Coyote approaches these people. Where does this message came from? Coyote learns a bit about the theology. The speaker produces a dirty cup.

Coyote sees a corpse. Lies and says he’s still alive, takes him to Dr. Powell. Axel and William suspect religious types. Luxury goods of the dead had the same brand of cigarettes. These were Lucky 7 brand. Coyote cleverly took some water from the vendor.

Hedda talked about making contact with Egrin

Axel asked for some future tech to make a filter in return for a cut. Rico was a bit angry but Rose tried to convince him. Don’s boys get the machine but we get the clean water of vendor.

A few figures went to the derelict part of town.

Religious types clean weapons and chant, also look into a canister.

The Whisperer made two silencers for his commando raid.

The evangelists disappeared to who knows there

Coyote saw some cultists patrolling as we snuck in

The Whisper got in deep and stealthy, behind a pew

Coral walked in and acted helpless. The crowd seemed like they were waiting for someone

Coral descended into the bowels of hell

William and Silent killed two guards with their silences guns

The Whisper jammed his boot into the closing door to rescue Cora. He was grazed by a guard’s bullets.


William Tell tried to dodge some gunfire and
Coyote knocked out a guard and Hedda shot two

Coral found some water and got a sample. She also scavenged some military stuff
The Whisper killed three guards

William dodged a grenade

Coyote killed two guards messily

William, Whisperer, and Coral tried to dodge a grenade from a launcher. William’s ears rang. Whisperer was stunned a bit. Coral found a dank tunnel after opening a door. They emerge suddenly into the street, battered but alive. Coyote found a concealed doo that allowed us to escape the cult and the guard patrols.
Two of the three waters were poisoned

Coyote knew that something was wrong. Amelia was stunned and said that the Doctor was going to want to see something. Coyote saw some good place to hide and saw a dead male, Jonah, the young man that we rescued. The Doctor was stunned. (Addendum: Jonah was not dead but in a near-death catatonic state having imbibed an almost lethal dose of poisoned water)

We hear the Doctor mention Adam.

Axel successfully finished his machine
The town boss was mobilized and decided to raid the place. What we learned confirmed things that he found.

On the way to Axel’s Coyote heard something, tried to stop a suicide bomber from destroying the machine. He missed and was knocked on his ass. He was stunned and disoriented.

There was a huge explosion and most of Don’s Boys there died. Rico was also badly wounded. Axel looked for bits of technology. The Whisperer and Coral carried him to the doctor.

No advanced tech survived from the machine‘s destruction.

Coyote noticed 20-30 of Don’s Boys heading towards the ruins.

Coral noticed a strange man from Magellan with satchels and bags that seemed to be searching the blast site. He is a lore master. He talked to Coral and the Whisperer. He wanted to know about the fanatics and the blast. He quoted the wormwood reference. His name is Ahmed.

The Dawnbringers seek to destroy. Can’t be reasoned with and take no prisoners. They almost took over Magellan.

Coral tried to convince one of Don’s Boys to stop the attack. She tried to sell him on using a secret entrance. Coral convinced him.

Hedda and Coyote got in to see the Don after the old man convinced the guard. Ahmed stepped forward and he talked to the Don. He called off the attack, and decided to send in Jack.

Ahmed said that the fanatics are often branded or otherwise marked with a cross. Hedda said that he might have men that were converts and sleeper agents.

The Don gives Hedda a fancy platinum and copper flip phone as a rewad.
Dr. Powell is very protective of her charges because she can’t have children. She is packing up.

The Whisperer staked out the doctor’s office. He sees her leave the hospital late at night. She drove out and crashed he vehicle out of the gates.

We decided to .
The cultists had fled and the traps have been re-rigged by the Don’s cleaner.

Off to Serenity. Coyote and Hedda and Sharpe and Axel ride together. The Whisperer and Coral and William rode together.

A rolling sandstorm greeted us on our way out. Coyote’s keen observation helped us avoid the path of the storm.

Coyote noticed equipment scattered about in part of the desert. We searched.

Hedda noticed some valuable items. We found some high tech and luxury goods.
On the third day out, we started seeing dead plant life.

We saw some movement behind the dunes and Axel drove closer in his stealthed vehicle. There was a pack of mutants, some of them wounded by bullets, that seemed to be fleeing something. Coyote examined the dead body. There was a bit of cloth in one’s mouth, a bit insulated by radiation. He dug out expanded bullets. Coyote suspects Legion activity.

We noticed tracks leaving Serenity are preserved in the soil. This suggested a bit of moisture in the soil.

Coyote stepped out of the vehicle to scout and a horrible smell of rot hit him. He investigated a glinting in the dirt and saw spent casings from a recently-used weapon as well as some prints. He also saw a corpse in the dead brush. The stench was really much greater.

There was a dead, humanoid mutant with hook-like talons that was not dead for too long. It had a bizarre face with mandibles and a honeycomb of openings and no eyes.

At this point, a mutant wandered near and Coyote saw a living one of these creatures. He carefully snuck away and avoided the creature. We all saw more moving creatures in the brush.

Axel’s hatred of mutants drove him to shoot and the rest joined in. They smelled really bad when they were shot. They bounded and swarmed about. A few chased us, but most swarmed the one that fell.

Coyote noticed fresh vehicle tracks and saw some caves in some rocks. He snuck forward through some lava tubes and crevices. There was lichen on the rocks. He saw two armed people wearing masks inside, as well as some antipersonnel mines. He reported back. This reminded him of some raiders called the Chem Boys, who liked chemical warfare.

Axel sent out a drone. There were many mutant in and near Serenity. We camouflaged the vehicles. A mutant showed up. The Whisper drew it off with his drone, and the creature leapt at it but it missed dur to clever flying.

We came closer and saw living plants and the outskirts of the city, and the town gates. Drone scouting revealed mutants inside that avoided the spring. It also saw water flowing out of a cave. Some great shadow was in the sky. The Whisper made the drone avoid it.

The thing had a wingspan of 200 feet and was leathery and terrible. Sharpe was speechless. The thing screeched horribly and a blue glow came from its mouth. The monster’s presence seemed to disrupt technology. The Whisper’s vehicle wouldn’t start.

Coyote, Hedda, and Coral went to scavenge. He found some fallen branches that made it easier to pass over the wall. Coyote decided that some insulated things might have protected their contents, including high-tech stuff.

The Whisper opened the vehicle door and was caught unawares by a gunman. Axel was too. They were led away by the masked gunmen. The Whisperer told them that they were the only two ones there.

Coyote and his companions made their way into Axel’s old lab. Coral realized what we might need to fix the van. Coyote slid down a ladder into the darkness. He felt some slime on his hazmat gloves and he heard skittering as he went down to the next level. He got ready to light his torch.

Axel and the Whisperer got taken away. Axel tried to talk their captors out of killing them. The Whisperer tried to get in a good word too. The men in the masks said they are from haven. Axle dropped several names. They recognized Coral’s. They said that they were here for the category 3 creature. Axel produced a chain that had a medal that said Ailie on it, which angered the masked men. Axel said that Ailie was killed by the giant worm but the masked men said that she had been killed by a bullet.

Coyote heard acrid smell and heard skittering in the darkness. Coyote slid down the ladder silently and saw human-sized shapes. Coyote spilled some grease and set a fire. He saw more of the skittering creatures in the area. There were many creatures there.

Hedda and Coral slid down.

The masked men were getting ready to blow up and collapse the cave that had the spring in it. They wanted to kill the Phage, mutants that assimilate powers from other mutants. Axel suggested alternate options, but the masked men didn’t trust him. The masked men explained that the Phage had to be destroyed before it became unstoppable.

Coyote made a Molotov cocktail and prepared to make more. Coral cased the joint and saw ways to sneak around there. She crawled through a channel under the floor grating and was almost found by one of the creatures. She broke into a vehicle and she found the parts that we needed.

Axel made a couple of suggestions about how to deal with the Phage, but his words were met with skepticism. Then, they decided to recapture Axel’s shop and use a turret from that place to destroy the creature. During this arguing, they noticed the Phage blended in with the local trees. It made it hard to get into the shop.

Coyote lit up the larva with a firebomb and the big mutants near the back of the shop exploded at the same time. The closer mutants went up the access tunnel and Shape shot at them.

Axel and the group saw the great creature crawling toward the shop after the sound of gunfire was obvious. One of the men fired smoke grenades at the shop. Axel tried to run to the secret back entrance. He managed to do it and the Phage nearly grabbed him. They saw the fire and wanted to put it out. The masked men killed various mutants and the Whisper and Axel fought the flames and managed to put it out.

Coyote shot quickly and killed two of the masked men. Axel saw mutant faces underneath. Sharpe dropped down and tried to get the masked men to stop shooting and talk. The Whisperer threw a fire extinguisher at a masked man that was readying a grenade.

Coyote escaped from the group, climbing up into piping above. The others disarmed and surrendered. Coral tried to talk the group out of killing the captured adventurers. Still angered, they decided to go on with their goal of fixing up the turret.

Coyote heard a big thing pushing down on the building. Axle rigged the big gun and the masked leader gave the group back their weapons. The Whisperer drove the vehicle. The masked leader gave Coral a belt full of chemical grenades to disrupt the sense of smell of the hoppers. Coyote found a good, off-road motorcycle.



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