FATE Apocalypse

Desert Tested

Axel and William added armor and reactive camouflage to our new van.

Coyote has found that many prospectors are going into the rocky gorge to seek water.

Surprising them with his gun, Coyote saved Hadley, an old prospector. He shot the thieves and got two guns from them. Hadley was shot, but Coyote managed to get him to the clinic in time to save his life.

Axel tried to find out where the mutants had their lair.

We got to Magellan and Axel and William got into an argument with Rico and Paula, a woman who worked in entry control. This was cleared up eventually. We were called in to see Administrator Clark. He asked us about mutants that we had seen. Old Man Coyote arranged a later discussion. Then we went on to see Nigel. Administrator Clark is a very committed and strict leader.

Coyote sees Walker weaving through the crowd. We went to see Nigel and had a drink. Old Man Coyote noticed a tiny outpost on one of the maps. It is called Haven.

We talked to Administrator Clark and he asked if we had spoken to Dr Powell about that and that she had not told us anything helpful. He directed us to Sharpe the mutant hunter and Raleigh. Axel was tackled and nearly killed for interfering with their security arrangements after seeing several mysterious intruders.

A Legion of Problems

Old Man Coyote followed Nigel and saw that he was being shadowed by members of The Legion, a militaristic clique from the Settlement of Cortez. Coyote recognized one as Walker.

Axel made a motor for the handcart and we headed deeper into the tunnel. We rode for hours. We reached an intersection where there was evidence of combat and noticed evidence that a cache of supplies were hidden nearby. Ratlike mutants appeared and we went farther. Then, we approached a barricade, but backed up when William Tell heard a click of some sort and we saw a suspicious wire stretched across the tunnel, Old Man Coyote found an access way to travel around. He popped the hatch and climbed in.

Coyote saw two guards by the barricade. They spoke to themselves about what they should do. William Tell and Coyote crept down the access shaft and Axel and Hedda sneaked down the main tunnel. William Tell shot at the two lookouts but and grazed one. Coyote jumped out and found some Rubble the Conceals in the main tunnel. Hedda missed her shot and Axel tried to think of a way to threaten the interlopers.

Old Mab Coyote was nearly hit but ducked behind some rubble. William Tell killed one of the guards. Axel collapsed a steel beam and neutralized the other guard. Then, three laser spots danced about near us. Snipers were about, Old Man Coyote tried to stealth his way into the access shaft but was driven back by gunfire. William Tell shot and wounded the one controlling the heavy weapon.

The dog mutants crept forward and attacked Axel. The mutant fired and collapsed part of the ceiling. on Axel and William. Axel skilled the pack of mutants with his plasma rifle. There was much shooting and William Tell and Axel were wounded.

The mutants collapsed the tunnel as Coyote escaped. As Axel was being treated, Coyote heard the mutants in the distance howling in fear near the supply cache. We stopped the cart and looked around. We continued and eventually saw a giant fanged mouth eat a pack of dog mutants. It then shifted and became more hideous and looked more like the dog mutants. William was badly shocked and we returned to Deadwood.

We were escorted to the Don. His rooms were fancy and well decorated, The Don was an older, soft spoken man. Rico was humble in front of his boss. The Boss was impressed by our efforts but was concerned by the war that seemed to be starting.

Old Man Coyote suggested we find where the mutants were and maybe eventually kill their surgeon. The Don was interested in their resources. He rewarded up with luxury goods.

Leapin' Lizards!

Chaos ensued as the mutants attacked. William Tell gunned down one of the simian mutant with flayed-looking skin and multiple mandibles. Coyote dived into the van and partially closed the door. Axel shot one of the creatures but did not put it down. One of the creatures almost got Coyote but he managed to shut the van door on it.

One of the mutants grabbed William’s shirt and Axel got grabbed too. Hedda was hard pressed by another mutant. The attackers whipped Axel around like a rage doll so William killed them. Two mutants tried to force their way into the van and Coyote killed one and wounded the other. Then he beat the other to death with his gun barrel. Hedda struggled to survive but luck was against her. Poison pumped into her system ash her knife wedged into its ribs.

Coyote quietly sneaked up behind the creature attacking Hedda and buried his entrenching tool deep in the creature’s head. William was also envenomed by his attacker. Then, Hedda and William killed the rest. First aid helped Hedda, but she was unable to help.

Coyote and Hedda found water and medical supplies in the van. Axel’s directions got us lost, but Coyote found a collapsed structure that would provide some insulation and protection. Coyote found evidence of a fight, including bloodstains and slime.

William hallucinated and was sick but thought he saw a human figure running towards us. Coyote decided to get in closer and see what was happening. He saw that she was being chased by a 100 foot long reptile. Axel shot the monster with a grenade launcher and badly wounded it. The thing gave chase and closed. Hedda wounded it a bit more. William shot too. The whipping tail slapped the can Coyote was driving but he went to help the victim. Axel and William were rocked by the monster’s leap onto the truck. They leaped out as the monster crushed Axel’s truck into scrap. William shot and made a good shot and the giant lizard dove into the sand and escaped.

Coyote drove by to pick her up and William shot the female mutant. He then stated to bleed from the nose. Hedda tried to do first aid but failed. William started to get worse. We got back to Deadwood and were greeted by Egren, who likes Hedda. WE talked him into proceeding and Doctor Powell helped William.

William thought that he saw a body on a nearby table. The doctor denied this, but William noticed blood on the floor. His companions rejoined him. Coyote saw that the doctor was tense. We spoke to the doctor and told her about the female mutant with organs in a refrigerated box. She showed us a dead mutant with human organs in it. It was 80 % human parts. The doctor speculated about how skilled the doctor who did this might be.

We met an odd person that was excited about what we found in the desert. He was Nigel and seemed to think that there was an intact space ship somewhere on Earth. Coyote noticed that the drought was getting worse.

Coyote was intrigued by Nigel and shadowed him for a bit after he departed. He discovered that Nigel was already being tailed by a man named Walker belonging to the powerful militaristic faction known as The Legion.

Wishing on a Star

We went out to find what we could salvage from the falling satellite. The impact site is likely to be covered by a dust cloud and may be radioactive. As we drove, Old Man Coyote saw a structure protruding from the sand, as well as some bloody bodies scattered about. William Tell and Old Man Coyote saw someone or something skitter into the structure. It seemed to be a mutant lizard of some kind. Hedda and Old Man Coyote sneaked forward. Coyote saw that the bodies opened up down the middle. They seem to have had their organs harvested.

William Tell saw the large lizard and, hating mutants, shot it. Old Man Coyote’s shooting hit a motorcycle and the two riders tumbled as the bike fell. Hedda and William Tell managed to eliminate the threat of the other bike. Some trucks and bikes drove by in the distance but did not come to avenge their companions. We found some food stashed here.

We drove to the brownout and in. We reached our goal and Old Man Coyote saw no vehicle tracks near the crash site. Axle Grease drove us up to the site. The crashed item was 40 yards in diameter and had Chinese writing on it. Old Coyote for in through an access hatch and Axel got us in. The inside was dark and there was a peculiar smell chemical. Hedda hoisted up a metal shutter and gave us a huge opening. It was cool inside and There were many boxes and crates there.

William Tell was hiding and keeping watch in an ancient tree and saw raiders coming. He took a shot with his rifle and got two of them with a burst of automatic fire. Old Man Coyote found some Perfect Cover and set up an ambush.

One armored truck shot at William Tell and barely missed. He shot into an opening and git someone inside. Coyote saw the other big vehicle pull in and found the it had a weak top. He got ready to attack, but Axel destroyed it with an RPG. Coyote tried to help Hedda by attacking her assailants but missed just as William shot one and Hedda killed he other. Axel killed the one survivor with his plasma rifle.

We refueled, using our dead enemies’ fuel and loaded up our truck. Coyote are fruit until he was stuffed and Axel set off a loud, bright beacon that attracted mutants to the area. A simian mutant with flayed-looking skin and multiple mandibles. One approached William and Axel angrily shot it, also vaporizing the trucks’ wheel, then the rest attacked.

Surprise Party!

Old Man Coyote suggested that Axel Grease make a trapped box to ambush the organ buyers. He rigged a box that could be detonated with a remote control.

Old Man Coyote found the entrance and opened the portcullis like entrance. The entrance was quiet. We found our way into Unknown Miles of abandoned subway tunnels all of them in Endless Darkness. We found the dropoff point where there were many tracks in the dust.

We heard noise approaching and took cover. Old Man Coyote saw a small, man-powered vehicle come down the track. They used no lights and moved very quietly. They approached the box and opened it. There was s huge explosion and nails and metal shards flew. Two fell dead and two popped up, shrieking and angry. Axel Grease was nearly shot because his hatred of mutants made him expose himself in his eagerness to attack. William Tell took down another attacker. Axel got a lucky shot and roasted one with a blue bolt of plasma.

Hedda shot and the enemy target ducked. William Tell shot one kin the leg and turned to run. Coyote chased him and caught up. The creature wheeled about and hissed, scratching Coyote deeply, and the old hermit crushed his enemy’s throat with his entrenching tool.

William Tell went to give the leg-shot enemy some first aid, and was horrified to see it was a hideous mutant. He could not bring himself to give him medical care.

Coyote heard human voices coming. We ran to the vehicle and went down the tunnel. We saw Rico point at the ceiling. His men tried to collapse the roof. We came out and convinced him that we had a good reason to sneak down and fight these mutants.

Rico offered to reward us if we learned more about the mutants.

Hedda and Coyote saw some strange glimmer in the sky. It looked something coming from the sky. We bought some water with luxury goods and got ready to go into the wastes.

Welcome to Deadwood

Deadwood is built in a petrified forest and is a trade center where Axel’s shop is located. There is also a Raelian Temple and an orphanage. There are tunnels underneath that provide shelter during sandstorms and raids.

Don’s Boys are an organized crime that charge taxes in exchange for protection. Don asked us to investigate disappearances in or near the bazaar. We were offered wealth in exchange for solving this problem.

Rico’s Aspects include Short Fuse

Bazaar Aspects: Lawless Trade Market, The Don’s Watchful Eye, The Bustling Merchant District

There was an atmosphere of nervousness and fear in the bazaar. Old Man Coyote knew that Brown had his store by an expanse of ruins. Coyote saw a man beckoned to the ruins. He went in, was knocked out, and was dragged in deeper to the buildings. Old Man Coyote’s keen eyes saw that they were members of the Dust Devils, a small but dangerous raider band.

Axel and Hedda convinced Brown to spill everything. He was working with the Dust Devils to capture travelers for some unknown reason. There are at least eight of these kidnappers. Old Man Coyote returned and told his story. Axel recalled that the gang wanted him to make a large refrigeration device.

Old Man Coyote slinks off and tried to track down the kidnappers. He found their trail and saw the raiders. They wanted to put him on ice. The ruins had Rubble and Wreckage and were Isolated. Coyote drew fast and shot three raiders dead.

Hedda fired too and also shot three Dust Devils down. Axel tried to get them to surrender. Coyote took advantage of his Superior Position to sneak into his enemy’s range. Hedda shot badly but this Steely-Eyed Warrior was not hit. Axel was nearly shot but the chaos of the battle protected him. Coyote sneaked up, knocked one out with his entrenching tool and sliced open the other’s throat. This is how the raiders were gone.

We rescued the kidnapped victim and found some guns and ammo that the raiders no longer needed. The young man was Jonah, who helped Dr. Powell.

Axel found a note on the raiders. It was a list of times at night. We also found the refrigerator. Coyote unlocked it, and we saw many human organs inside. Axel examined it and decided that the unit had been well-used and dragged around the tunnels below.

We went to Axel’s shop and interrogated him. He resisted but Old Man Coyote convinced him to talk. He said that the Dust Devils were selling the organs to an unknown gang in the tunnels. He told us about an unmonitored entrance to the tunnel. We took the Dust Devil to Rico, who shot him dead.

We went to speak to Dr. Powell and return Jonah. She did not seem guilty. In gratitude she told us that a vicious dry spell might be coming soon and we should guard our water.

We decided to ambush the organ buyers at night in the tunnels.

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