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    h2. Locations and Sites of Interest h3. [[Deadwood]] - The Sprawl _*Lawless Trade Market*_ _*The Don's Watchful Eye*_ h3. [[Magellan]] _*Wealth of Knowledge*_ h3. [[Cortes]] _*Impregnable Military Fortress*_ h3. [[The Wastes]] _* …

  • Deadwood

    h3. "Deadwood" - The Sprawl _*Lawless Trade Market*_ _*The Don’s Watchful Eye*_ Spanning several miles in the outskirts of a petrified forest, Deadwood is one of the main human outposts on the border of the wastes. Comprised of a motley assortment …

  • Magellan

    _*Wealth of Knowledge*_ _*Bastion of Culture and Civilization*_ Magellan is one of the foremost setllements in the wastes and has been established as a "major" outpost. It was named for the wreckage upon which it was built, a hulking remnant of a huge …

  • Ground Zero

    Ground Zero is the site where the nuclear event "[[Day-Zero]]" originated. It is said to still be swirling with fatal radiation levels and is known to be swarming with deadly [[Mutants|mutants]]. Few dare to venture here and even fewer survive the trip.

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