Eyes of Righteous Fire
Bringers of the End of Days

A sect of Christianity that endured past Day-Zero, which is its worst aspects manifest. Imagine a group of dedicated zealots who took the word of the Old Testament not as a prophecy, but as a set of instructions to bring about and conclude the “Lord’s work.”

Fervent believers in the word of their gospel, they are fanatically devoted to their cause. They can’t be reasoned with and take no prisoners. It’s said that their numbers are manifold and they are well stocked and well equipped. Even worse, it seems like their promises of paradise are infectious to the most desperate souls of the waste and new converts seem to be always at hand. It’s even rumored that they have sleeper agents in positions of power scattered amongst key locations of the wastes…

Their favored tactics seem to be to bide their time and strike all at once and overwhelmingly when the time is right. They are also known to undermine a population by integrating quietly and sabotaging and poisoning from within to weaken the flock. They frequently use suicide explosive attacks as one of their tools of terror.


FATE Apocalypse Bowzachi