“Deadwood” – The Sprawl

Lawless Trade Market
The Don’s Watchful Eye

Spanning several miles in the outskirts of a petrified forest, Deadwood is one of the main human outposts on the border of the wastes. Comprised of a motley assortment of drifters and misfits, it has become a central hub of trade in the Wastes due to its location and also its lawless nature where all are welcome provided they have something to offer.

Important People, Factions, and Points of Interest

The Bazaar

Bustling Open Merchant District

The central attraction of Deadwood, an informal market that spans several miles. Frequented by scavengers and foragers to jettison their wares. Sometimes attracts unsavory characters, some even say that Raiders discreetly frequent the market to pawn the very goods that they had plundered.

Deadwood Shelter

Sanctuary and Place of Learning

Operated primarily by Dr. Sonia Powell, this establishment serves the role of an orphanage, schoolhouse, and hospital. Dr. Powell takes upon herself the role of a teacher to try and pass down education to the children of the wastes, and indeed many abandoned youth have nowhere else to go to. Dr. Powell is herself a skilled physician and many come to her for aid. Her policy is typically to charge a fee for her services which is then used to provide for the shelter.

Axel’s Shop


Famous inventor Axel Grease calls this place home, and has an assortment of various odds-and-ends stowed away. Some might call it a think tank, others a junkyard. Who knows what strange projects the industrious gadgeteer works on within?

The Church of the Elohim

Devout Prayers to Our Saviors From Above

The religious sect (some would call cult) of Raeliens has found a small space to convert into their place of worship. Whether they gathered here naturally or other settlements didn’t want ‘em is anyone’s guess.

Deadwood Tunnels

Unknown Miles of Dark Dusty Tunnels

Beneath the surface of Deadwood lies an expanse of tunnels, presumably an abandoned transportation system of some sort. Many people are forced to retreat into these tunnels when danger is imminent. Don Bardras is said to have cordoned off a portion of the tunnels as his HQ. Don’s Boys control many of the known entrances to the tunnels, and they are careful about who they let in. They are known to extort people trying to flee into the tunnels from imminent danger. Recently, it was discovered that intelligent mutants roam the tunnels, and it was partially collapsed to keep them out. Who knows what other avenues to dark places it hides?

Dangers of Deadwood

Because of Deadwood’s position the furthest into the area of the Wastes, it is subject to frequent hazards. Radioactive sandstorms often blow into the town, forcing many below ground. Skirmishing attacks by raiders and even mutants are not unheard of. Deadwood is vulnerable economically because it has no fundamental resource of its own; all food and water is brought in from the outside and typically sold at a hefty markup. Don’s Boys have been growing their influence and while they serve as tenuous peacekeepers, they are themselves a trouble to the community and frequently extort, bully, or blackmail Deadwood’s denizens. Because of its open-market nature Deadwood sometimes attracts dangerous characters; thieves, murderers, and sometimes even raider gangs blend in to the crowds.

Imporant NPCs

Doctor Sonia Powell
Don Bardras
Hadley the Prospector


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