Don Bardras

Don Bardras the Kingpin

The big boss sitting at the throne behind the “empire” of Deadwood, and backed by his organization “Don’s Boys,” Don Bardras keeps his eyes open and his subjects in a usually gentle but ever-present grip of iron. If there’s anything to be certain of in Deadwood, it’s that the Don is the one really in charge.

He appears to be an aged man perhaps in his late 40s, but with sharp features and a brooding intelligence behind his cold eyes. He is dressed in finery and has luxuries at his fingertips that precede day-zero. You could even call him a Loremaster of sorts in the way of luxuries.

But the Don is not here just to enjoy his holdings. He is a dangerously intelligent mastermind and overseer of Deadwood, and his compulsion is to control. Whether Deadwood thrives or withers within his grasp remains to be seen.

Don Bardras

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