Don's Boys

Don’s Boys are an organized mafia-like syndicate within Deadwood. They are somewhat disreputable and frequently engage in racketeering, drug trade, and extortion. On the flipside, they are so integrated into Deadwood that they want things running smoothly and serve as somewhat of a security force for the town if there are any problems.

Notable figures

Don Bardras The big boss of the organization.

Rico Short Fuse
Bardras’ main lieutenant. Scrappy and tenacious, he sometimes oversteps his authority.

Egren Dimwit, Shine for Hedda
The muscle man. He is something of a dimwit but very loyal to his boss.

Jack Very rarely seen, he is the wetworks man of the organization. He is said to be able to bypass any lock and there’s nowhere he can’t get into.

Don's Boys

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