Important Characters and Figures

The PCs

Old Man Coyote
William Tell
Hedda Dahmerson
Axel Grease
Coral Rose
“The Whisperer”

Don Bardras – The “Kingpin”

Everything is Under Control
Never Miss An Opportunity

Controls a mafia-like organization in Deadwood. A manipulative and controlling opportunist.

Rico – Don’s Right Hand

Short Fuse
I’m The One In Control

Dr. Sonia Powell

Medical Genius
Mother Bear

Respected figure in Deadwood. A Loremaster in various fields, particularly the medicinal arts. She is known to be stubborn and uncompromising when she thinks she is in the right but she has a sympathetic side.

The Elder

Master of Lost Lore
Clinging to Life

Said to reside somewhere in Magellan. The only known living person who was alive prior to Day-Zero. Very few can ever say that they have met or seen him, and he is a carefully guarded individual.

Administrator Clark – Chief Executive of Magellan

Burden of Many Secrets
Everything In Its Place

Sharpe – The Mutant Hunter

The Only Good Mute’ is a Dead Mute’
Lethal Hunter

Aldritch Mitchell “The General”

Known to control the machinations of the Legion and Cortes. A man with a wealth of military training, he holds a great deal of power and influence. He plans his moves carefully and executes them powerfully.

The Raider King

Rumor has it that there out in the expanse of the wastes there is a warlord rallying the various factions of raiders into an organized army, including the powerful Bloody Hand clan. If this is true, what is he planning?

Vortigus / Adam

A venerated figure in the Underworld. He is equal parts prodigy and lunatic, and his vision is to further the goals mutant kind by any means necessary. An unbelievably skilled surgeon and geneticist.


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