Much of human knowledge, technology, and culture has been lost in the devastation of Day-Zero. Digital data, media, and information networking was mostly wiped out and traditional texts similarly became scarce and impertinent. As a result the remaining knowledge of key disciplines survives as a primarily oral tradition, passed on and taught by individuals that have inherited or developed this knowledge. Such individuals are known as loremasters.

Loremasters come from a variety of backgrounds covering a spread of disciplines. Some example fields are technology, metalworking, medicine, engineering, and wilderness survival. Most loremasters are respected and even venerated but loremasters of obscure or less important pursuits such as music and language are often underappreciated or ridiculed. There is no formal ranking system or organization of loremasters, but they are usually valued in their communities.

It is rumored that the loremasters of the highest pedigree do, in fact, have some sort of organization. Loremasters are careful to whom they impart certain knowledge.

Known Loremasters of Great Import

The Elder
Sonia Powell


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