Wealth of Knowledge
Bastion of Culture and Civilization

Magellan is one of the foremost setllements in the wastes and has been established as a “major” outpost. It was named for the wreckage upon which it was built, a hulking remnant of a huge structure that was intact enough to build out from.

Important People, Factions, and Points of Interest

Administrator Clarke

No Nonsense
Everything In Its Place

Bill Rommel – Constable

Play Nice
Preserve The Tradition of Law

Paula Rommel – Deputy

Something to Prove

Nigel – Space Loremaster

Answers from the Stars
A Thinker, Not A Fighter

Sharpe – Mutant hunter

Lethal Hunter
The Only Good Mute is a Dead Mute

Raleigh – Mutant scientist

Whence Cometh Evil?
Knows Too Much

The Elder

Ahmed – Religion Loremaster

The Dawnbringers Must Be Stopped
Holy Man

The Seat of The Elder

Jealously Guarded

The Elder is the prized loremaster of Magellan, and more or less the community leader. He is the only known remaining person from before day-zero.

The Forum

Gathering of Great Minds
Information Traffic

The Forum makes up the vast majority of the habitable space in Magellan, long multi-tiered causeways where loremasters and other residents reside and study.

The Precinct

Constable Rommel’s barracks and “police” force reside here.

The Antechamber

Where important meetings are held and various loremasters and community leaders come to vote and orate about important issues.

The Solar Array

A valuable commodity of surviving tech from pre-day-zero, the Solar Array generates massive energy used to power many of Magellan’s commodities and infrastructure.

Dangers of Magellan


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