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The Story So Far…

Humanity struggles to survive amongst the bleak wastelands of a planet ravaged by an apocalyptic war. Clustered into struggling outposts and colonies, humanity does its best to endure. The threats encroaching are many, from radioactive dust storms to the vicious raiders and grotesque mutants that haunt the rocky plains. The destruction of “Day-Zero” was all but absolute, and only remnants of human history and knowledge have survived.

A brief history of the world.

Important Characters

Campaign/World Aspects

Mutants On The Rise (current issue)
Mutants have always been a constant threat to the survivors of the wastes, but recently they have been showing signs of increased aggression and activity, neither of which bodes well for humanity’s survival…

Dying Planet (impending issue)
Humankind struggles to eke out a modest existence on the scarred surface of the planet but to the dismay of many the land shows no sign of healing. Rather, the world seems to be growing more and more inhospitable as water reserves and sustenance become more and more scarce…

FATE System Modifications

Campaign Skill List:

Athletics Fleet of foot and feats of acrobatics. Used to dodge physical attacks.
Burglary Sleight of hand, pickpocketing, lockpicking.
Computers Rare skill in bypassing, modifying, and creating computer software and A.I.
Contacts Social skill representing your connections and useful allies.
Craft Useful skill for creating and repairing items, equipment, and vehicles. See rules for salvaging and crafting.
Deceive Skill covering deception from simple lying to intricate disguise.
Drive General skill for piloting vehicles.
Empathy Social skill for reading people and divining intentions.
Fight General melee skill for hand-to-hand brawling and weapons. Can be used to defend against opposing Fight skill.
Firearms Combat skill covering all firearms from handguns to long-arms. Cannot be used to defend.
Heavy Weapons Combat skill covering anti-vehicle weaponry such as RPG launchers. Cannot be used to defend.
Lore General academics skill covering useful knowledge and information (excepting medical and computer)
Medicine Expert skill covering first aid, surgery, and manufacturing pharmaceuticals. See rules for salvaging and crafting
Notice Passive awareness skill.
Physique General bodily health and consitution, as well as raw physical strength. Affects physical stress capacity and carrying capacity.
Provoke Social skill to illicit negative responses; used to taunt, goad, and intimidate.
Rapport Social skill to illicit positive responses; used to charm, cajole, and inspire.
Search Useful investigative skill for noticing details. Used to scrounge for salvage as well as tracking and hunting. See rules for salvaging and crafting
Stealth Expert skill for acting undetected. Used to hide, infiltrate, and ambush.
Will General mental stability and resolve. Affects mental stress capacity.

Players must track their reserves of two different resources: Water and Sustenance.
*Water must be consumed in order to recover from stress.
*Water must be consumed once daily (apart from stress recovery) or a moderate consequence must be taken.
*Sustenance must be consumed once daily or a minor consequence must be taken, but no more than one consequence at a time relating to hunger.

Player must track their reserves of ammunition for their firearms.
*After each encounter using firearms, mark off one ammunition.
*Each shot of Heavy Weapons must mark off one ammunition.

Denizens of the wastes scrounge for most of their equipment and foodstuffs. Many brave the wastes hoping to happen upon unfound salvage sites and reap the rewards.
*Salvage is recovered using the Search skill from sites, wreckages, etc.
*Salvage is abstracted and organized into broad categories:
-General: Generic parts and materials that can be used to create basic things. Can be converted to other categories at a fixed rate.
-Military: Components related to weapons and explosives such as munitions, firearms, and bombs.
-Electronic: Components related to electronics and devices such as wiring, circuit boards, etc.
-Industrial: Sturdy components related to machinery and vehicles such as engines, plating, radiators, etc.
-Medical: Supplies specifically used for healing and first aid such as trauma kits, bandages, and pharmaceuticals.
-Future Tech: Advanced components that are very rare to come by, such as microprocessors and fusion cells. Valuable but very few can make use of these parts.
-Luxury: No inherent value but can be traded with merchants and the like. Items such as soap, perfume, alcohol, cooking spice, and cigarettes.
*Salvage can be used to create useful objects by characters with the Craft, Medicine, and Computer skills.
*Salvage can also be used to “buy” items by abstracting what the characters happen to find.

See rules for salvaging and crafting

New Example Stunts:
Conservative Shot: After each encounter, roll Firearms. If 3 or better, no need to mark ammo with firearms.
Disciplined Shot: After each session, roll Firearms. If 3 or better, no need to mark ammo with firearms.
Tireless Survivalist: No need to consume water to recover stress.
Enduring Survivalist: Each day, roll Physique difficulty 1. If you succeed, no need to use rations that day. Add 1 difficulty each cumulative day without food.
Technologist: Able to craft using Future Tech salvage.
Beast of Burden: Able to carry extra equipment.

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