Mutants of the Wastes

A horrible constant presence of the waste are the slavering mutants that roam the dusty plains. They have been around as long as anybody can remember and are almost invariably hostile, aggressive, and deadly. Not much is known about these monsters.

Known attributes of Mutants

*Mindlessly violent, voracious, carnivorous. Animalistic intelligence, often seen in packs.
*Morphology and abilities vary greatly. Mutants resembling humanoids and canines are commonly sighted.
*Observed to infest area near Ground-Zero.

The Discovery at Deadwood

In the darkness of the Deadwood Tunnels in a secluded, stretching tunnel the party encountered a band of apparently intelligent mutants. They were clothed and armed and were supposedly behind the scheme to have the infiltrated Dust Devil raiders harvest human organs. They were butchered in a brutal firefight.


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