There have been some alarming run-ins with so called “super mutants” of the Wastes. These unique monstrosities seem to be able to assimilate the characterstics of other mutants that they prey upon and consume, evolving and becoming more hideous and powerful on the fly.

The party encountered one such super mutant on a scavenging tour in the Wastes, pursuing a lone scavenger. The sheer size of this specimen was truly immense, burrowing through the sand like some kind of hellworm. It’s bulk was such that it crushed one of the vehicles simply by breaching on top of it. The super mutant was fended off and retreated.

Sharpe has run aground this variety of mutant before and it is of special concern to him. He dubbed the mutant that the party had reported “Stumpy” and had apparently encountered it before and failed to kill it.

Upon learning more about these creatures, the denizens of Haven seem to dub them the “Phage.” They consider them the utmost threat to the wastes, and prioritize the destruction of these creatures before they become an insurmountable threat. There is some form of categorization that they use, referring to individual creatures as “Category X” as an evaluation of their threat level.

With the aftermath of the scouting mission to Serenity a Phage Alpha has emerged. This creature represents the pinnacle of evolution in predators of the wastes and has to be considered a threat of the highest order.


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