Phage Omega

Locked away within the most secure and secret corridor within Vortigus’s laboratory beneath the depths of [[Haven], a captive god waits.

A specimen of Phage that has assimilated perhaps the most dangerous characteristic of all: intelligence. Having preyed upon enough Smart Mutants and assimilated their characteristic intelligence, the Phage Omega represents a threat of unthinkable danger. A being with unlimited potential, if it were to be released upon the wastes and begin to subsume and absorb the other Phage…as its name implies, it would spell the end.

Its appearance is vaguely humanoid in morphology and silhouette, but the similarities end there. At approximately 9 feet in height, it has a flayed, skinless appearance with glistening exposed musculature and bone structure like many of the Phage, bespeaking immense physical power.

Perhaps most disconcertingly of all, it has developed a modicum of psionic ability, namely telepathy that it is able to communicate with others and even assert control.

Phage Omega

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