Locations and Sites of Interest

Deadwood – The Sprawl

Lawless Trade Market
The Don’s Watchful Eye


Wealth of Knowledge


Impregnable Military Fortress

The Wastes

Inhospitable Dangerous Wasteland
Many Secrets, Many Hazards

From horizon to horizon, the inhospitable wastes are an expanse of rocks and sand hiding many hidden caches and perils.

The Gorge

Treacherous Winding Mountains
Bastion of Wilderness

Mountainous rocky crags lie to the south away from the wastes. Much more difficult to navigate and no less hazardous, the Gorge is suited only for the most seasoned prospectors and explorers. Most venture into the Gorge to gather what little forage and fresh water remain.

Serenity – “Over The Hill”

Gateway to Greener Pastures
So Much Was Lost

An outpost that was lost to a sudden massive attack by a mutant swarm. Thought to be on the cusp of discovering habitable land.

Ground Zero

Fatal Irradiation

The site of the nuclear event dubbed “Day-Zero.” An wide area still bathed in deadly radiation. Mutants are observed to infest this area. Most sane individuals won’t come within eyesight of this desecrated ground.



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