A fertile crescent protected against the ravages of the wastes, Serenity was once an outpost for growth and healing for humanity. That is, until it was lost to a horde of mutants that attacked suddenly and savagely with overwhelming numbers.

A spring of fresh water seeping from the cracks of the rock bubbles here, and there is even a smattering of plant life. It was thought that it could be a potential base for agriculture.

Hedda and Axel both originated from Serenity. Axel’s parents were killed in the mutant attack and the survivors fled for their lives. Most of Serenity’s refugees have now established themselves in Deadwood, the most adjacent outpost of the Wastes.

Having embarked on a scouting mission to the heart of Serenity, they found it still occupied by a horde of swarming mutants. These creatures number in the thousands and it will be no trifling matter to unseat them.


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