Smart Mutants

In all the years humans have endured the wastes, there were only 2 truths about mutants: 1. They are mindlessly bloodthirsty without exception and 2. If they think they can eat you they will try to kill you. The discovery of the Smart Mutants changed all that.

Mutants that can talk, plan, sneak around, and use guns? Surely that is a load of nonsense. But things are never so simple.

The Smart Mutants were first encountered by the party in the depths of the tunnels beneath Deadwood. They had been running an operation to harvest human organs. It was later discovered that they were in fact using the organs to graft into themselves, sustaining the survivability of their own population. This is disturbing on many levels, not the least of which being that they have the intelligence and capability to perform such a medical wonder.

A collection of fun facts about the Smart Mutants so far:

-They are roughly human height and stature, but their skin is warped and dotted with scab-like tumorous growths.
-They are stronger, tougher, and faster than average human beings.
-Like most feral mutants, they can see very well in the dark. It is unknown if they are also resistant to radiation.
-They are very organized and well armed.
-There is a guarded path to an implied stronghold of them beneath Deadwood which was collapsed.
-Evidence seems to indicate that their base of operations may be a remote outpost dubbed “Haven.”
-They have a leader figure referred to as “Vortigus.”
-They have a genetic pattern curiously similar to humans, so much that they are compatible with human organ transplants.
-A human male was able to bear offspring with a smart mutant female.

Smart Mutants

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