Vortigus is the genius behind the progress and survival of the Smart Mutant sect. He spends his days in endless experimentation in his research wing beneath Haven

An outlier and unnerving even among the Smart Mutants, Vortigus is an enigma. From his spine and shoulders a pair of mechanical limbs called Caduceus armatures protrude, tipped with an array of chemical dispensers and surgical tools, enhancing his already considerable surgical prowess. His demeanor is both detached and intensely focused; he is objective and impersonal, perhaps with a streak of ruthlessness. His eyes and tone of voice bespeak an immense intelligence, but also perhaps a touch of cruelty and indifference.

Vortigus’ foremost priority is the preservation and prosperity of the Smart Mutants that look to him as a leader. However, his inscrutable research is also ever present at the front of his mind. It is sometimes unclear which is the means to which ends.

Vortigus seems to have an alternate name of “Adam,” spoken by both The Elder and Sonia Powell. His relation to both of them is currently unknown.


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