FATE Apocalypse

From A to Omega

Given free walk of the commons of Haven, but still under watchful monitoring, the party explored the culture and economy of the Smart Mutant outpost.

Axel spoke with Graham and learned that a Starfall had recently landed in the wastes, deep in Raider territory, and contemplated that it could be a piece of import predicted by Nigel. Dr. Powell was on her way out inconspicuously and was flagged down by Axel, and she confided in him that Adam/Vortigus was not to be trusted.

Hedda and Coral made their way to a speakeasy-like bar where they found themselves unexpectedly chatting up a member of the Bloody Hand. The raider had much to say about the mounting power of the Raider King in his court of Purgatory. Hedda may have also let slip too much of the wealth and resources to be had in Serenity. Coral convinced the raider that the group may have something to offer their king and was instructed to display a pass sign displaying the mark of the Bloody Hand if they should venture into the domain of the Raider King.

When Hedda dozed due to her indulgence in drink, she was visited by a strange but lucid dream where she wandered the dark hallways of Vortigus’s lab. A strange force seemed to compel her towards a door marked “17” in the dream. She awoke in a daze but was strangely affected by the disturbing dream.

The group espied a hulking Smart Mutant by the name of Bluth in the commons. They recognized him from a previous encounter in the tunnels beneath Deadwood and he fortunately did not recognize them.

The Whisperer and Coyote took it upon themselves to infiltrate into Vortigus’s lab by way of an access vent. Soon after coming within sight of room 17, they began to experience strange sensations and hear voices stirring in their conciousness. The high-security key that they had acquired from Ahri didn’t even work, but they observed a pensive Vortigus about to enter the room and saw an opportunity.

Within room 17 beyond a long hallway of reinforced doors and decontamination areas, they beheld the dormant Phage Omega suspended in a chemical tank. Instantly, they felt a presence creep into their mind and found themselves enacting actions against their will as the Phage Omega unleashed its dominating presence. Vortigus reappeared and told them of the threat of the Phage Omega and as an aside, mentioned how interesting it was that the creature was able to assert itself on humans. Rather than be dominated by the Phage Omega’s psychic presence, they surrendered to Vortigus’s administering of a tranquilizer. They awoke again in the commons of Haven with a barely noticeable scar just below the throat. When The Whisperer tried to explain what happen, he felt a peculiar buzzing within his chest that he surmised was a warning device. The group decided it was a good time to distance themselves from Haven.

While on their way back across the wastes, they came upon a recent battleground that appeared to have involved aerial vehicles, and they figured out that the Legion may have been involved.

Upon returning to Deadwood, they were greeted by a recovering Rico who revealed to them that it seemed Dr. Powell had not yet returned, even though she had left before them…



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