FATE Apocalypse

Surprise Party!

Old Man Coyote suggested that Axel Grease make a trapped box to ambush the organ buyers. He rigged a box that could be detonated with a remote control.

Old Man Coyote found the entrance and opened the portcullis like entrance. The entrance was quiet. We found our way into Unknown Miles of abandoned subway tunnels all of them in Endless Darkness. We found the dropoff point where there were many tracks in the dust.

We heard noise approaching and took cover. Old Man Coyote saw a small, man-powered vehicle come down the track. They used no lights and moved very quietly. They approached the box and opened it. There was s huge explosion and nails and metal shards flew. Two fell dead and two popped up, shrieking and angry. Axel Grease was nearly shot because his hatred of mutants made him expose himself in his eagerness to attack. William Tell took down another attacker. Axel got a lucky shot and roasted one with a blue bolt of plasma.

Hedda shot and the enemy target ducked. William Tell shot one kin the leg and turned to run. Coyote chased him and caught up. The creature wheeled about and hissed, scratching Coyote deeply, and the old hermit crushed his enemy’s throat with his entrenching tool.

William Tell went to give the leg-shot enemy some first aid, and was horrified to see it was a hideous mutant. He could not bring himself to give him medical care.

Coyote heard human voices coming. We ran to the vehicle and went down the tunnel. We saw Rico point at the ceiling. His men tried to collapse the roof. We came out and convinced him that we had a good reason to sneak down and fight these mutants.

Rico offered to reward us if we learned more about the mutants.

Hedda and Coyote saw some strange glimmer in the sky. It looked something coming from the sky. We bought some water with luxury goods and got ready to go into the wastes.



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