• Axel Grease

    Axel Grease

    World's most wanted repairman
  • Coral Rose

    Coral Rose

    Beautiful Thief
  • Hedda Dahmerson

    Hedda Dahmerson

    Tall big-boned woman. She seldom smiles except at a full bottle.
  • Old Man Coyote

    Old Man Coyote

    Older-looking man with brown skin. He wears a pith helmet, a faded serape, a short-sleeved shirt, shorts, fingerless leather gloves, and old brown boots. He may have a pack somewhere under the serape, or may have it stashed away somewhere else.
  • William Tell

    William Tell

    He's medium built, sandy hair color, an old scar on his right side of the face (from a rusty knife).